Many businesses have sought to reopen across the globe, getting back to life pre-pandemic. However, this has necessitated a variety of workplace social distancing solutions to enforce healthy behaviors.

Whether that workplace is an office space, a salon, a restaurant, or a shopping center, there are a variety of workplace social distancing solutions available.  Consider the following:

Sneeze Guards as Workplace Social Distancing Solutions

Sneeze guards aren’t just for the salad bar anymore.  In fact, they are popping up all over.  You can find these workplace social distancing solutions around reception counters, extensions to existing cubicles, and surrounding cashiers or pharmacies.  Sneeze guards can be permanently installed into a desk or they can be temporarily set up to allow for flexibility.  Recovering from the pandemic is temporary, but you may decide you’d like to keep these in place for other reasons.

Aesthetically, custom sneeze guards can be made in a variety of CNC cut shapes, include different colors or even logos as handsome workplace social distancing solutions.  They can be made a part of a restaurant’s waiting area or incorporated into more stylish cubicles.  Textures, gradients, colors, and cuts can all transform them from something plain but something stylish.

Health and Safety Signage

Some of the most important workplace social distancing solutions are the health and safety signage you include in your environment.  Whether a store, a salon, restaurant, office, or manufacturing facility, people will need to know the behaviors expected of them while on site.  This can include custom printed signage to hang on the walls, floor decals, banner stands with sanitizing attachments, and more.  You can scale your workplace social distancing solutions up or down as necessary in order to reinforce healthy habits on site.

Custom Printed Corporate Face Coverings

Many states have mandatory mask orders in place for public interactions such as entering a store, salon, healthcare facility, and more.  Many office buildings require the same when employees are not inside their own offices.  Instead of relying upon employees to find something that is suitable, provide them with custom corporate face coverings featuring your branding and even personalization. The face coverings also include space for ventilators and can be far more effective than thin disposable nonsurgical face masks.  They start at a low price point and drop lower the more you order in bulk.  Many businesses are providing these as workplace social distancing solutions in order to reinforce healthy habits on site.

There are a variety of workplace social distancing solutions that you might not have thought of.  However, you can trust in our team to design and fabricate something special for your unique workplace.  Contact us today to get the process started.